谢谢您对molecularinfo.com的认可,建立这个网站的初衷是为了方便自己查找CAS NUMBER号。因为我们始终致力于促进信息的免费访问,所以molecularinfo.com暂时也没有投放广告或对访问实行访问收费。原本以为只是个小工程,随着数据的不断增加(截止到2022年9月份,本站已经添加了20 万多条的CAS NUMBER数据),原本的小工程开始耗费越来越多的时间和精力。你们的赞赏和捐赠是我们支持下去的动力,我们依靠像您这样的个人的慷慨来支付服务器、人工和维护费用。

Dear visitors:
Thank you for your support of molecularinfo.COM, the original intention of establishing this website is to facilitate me to search CAS number. Because we are always committed to promoting free access to information, does not advertise or charge for access. Originally thought it was just a small project. With the continuous increase of data (as of September 2022, more than 200000 pieces of CAS number data have been added to the site), the original small project began to consume more and more time and energy. Your appreciation and donation are the driving force for our support. We rely on the generosity of individuals like you to pay for the server and maintenance costs.
Thank you again for your support and donation.

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