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Ribonuclease Inhibitor

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RNasins Ribonuclease Inhibitor has broad spectrum RNase inhibitory properties including the inhibition of eukaryotic RNases of the neutral type. The 50 kDa protein exerts its inhibitory effect by binding noncovalently to RNases in a 1:1 ratio with an association constant greater than 1014. Inhibits common eukaryotic RNases including RNase A, RNase B, RNase C and human placental RNase. Does not inhibit RNase H, S1 Nuclease, SP6, T7 or T3 RNA Polymerase, AMV or M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase, Taq DNA Polymerase, RNase T1. Active over a broad pH range.

  • Useful in any applications where eukaryotic RNase contamination is a potential problem. Protection of mRNA in cDNA synthesis reactions.
  • In vitro transcription/translation systems.
  • Increased yields and activity of polysomes.
  • Improvement of in vitro virus replication.
  • Improvement of RNA translation in homologous systems.
  • Preparation of RNase-free antibody.

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