Molecular Techniques and Methods

M9 Minimal Medium

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5 x M9 Salts
64 g
15 g
2.5 g
5.0 g
Add deionized H2O to make a final volume of
1 L
  • The M9 Salts solution is divided into 200 ml aliquots.
  • Sterilized by autoclaving for 15 minutes at 15 lb/ in2.

    M9 Minimal Medium
    Sterile 5 x M9 Salts
    200 ml
    Add sterile deionized H2O to make a final volume of
    1 L
    Sterile 1 M MgSO4
    2 ml
    Sterile 20% Glucose (or the appropriate carbon source)
    20 ml
    Sterile 1 M CaCl2
    0.1 ml
    Appropriate Amino acids
  • The MgSO4 and CaCl2 solutions should be prepared separately, sterilized by autoclaving,
    and added after diluting the 5 x M9 Salts to 1 liter with sterile deionized water.
  • Glucose should be sterilized by filtration before it is added to the diluted M9 Salts.

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